Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ok, so, I guess I'm not quite the blogging type....I tend to get sidetracked very often and seem to forget all about the people who are actually interested in my story....temporarily, at least on my part. I can promise to the moon and back to be more vigilant about posting but...I don't even believe myself as I type it. I will promise to try even if I do need a push from my sweet sister now and then.

I spent a month with her and her hubby recently, and they made me feel like family....oh wait, I am family! Well they went above and beyond in my case. They made me feel very welcome and now that I'm back home, I miss them a lot. We still do the phone thing, but it's not quite the same as being able to trade thoughts as they occur to you.

I finally met all the ladies who take classes with Sharon, my sister, and it was great to put personalities with the pics she posts on her blog. I might still get a couple of names mixed up, but I know them by their actions and words more now. Several of them found out that I painted a little and actually tossed me some orders. I painted frantically, 12 to 15 hours a day and still left a month later, unable to fill them all. I am now working on them at home, hoping to complete them in October before the snow starts here in the mountains.

I will take the finished work to a pre-determined spot, meet my sister and she will carry them back to her ladies in time for the holidays...what a plan! I will get it done though. I am nothing if not determined when I decide to do something. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Well, at long last, here is another piece of my huge project. This is a little deer eating in a field, and is in the upper left of the whole piece. I have basically finished with the main components and am now adding things here and there....until it feels "finished" to me. It was and is something just for me, a one of a kind thing that no one else will ever have. I will finish it one day....hopefully sooner than later, and I will cherish it knowing all the work that I put into it.
Sharing it with you has made me see it more differently than before when it was for my eyes only. I now feel almost obligated to get it done and framed. It seems unfair to leave it as is for much longer. I am going to paint for another month or so, and then I need to make a couple of things for Christmas, and I need to take some more classes at college...start a new job...maybe I can get it done by 2015? We'll see....sigh....we'll just have to wait and see.