Wednesday, July 24, 2013


    Okay, I'm new at the blogging thing and am the first to admit that it will take time to make it a habit. I was reading my sister's page and dang it! there in bold red letters she referred her friends to my I feel bad and have to post something...thanks Shar...:)
      My so called yard sale/bake sale was an interesting experience, though not very lucrative. I think I found out people here really enjoy the food more than the "stuff" I was trying to sell them. I'm just glad I decided to include baked goodies and drinks so I could make a little profit at least.
      I included another little part of my project, a sweet little girl in a poppy field. This piece will be finished soon, and so now I need to think about how to finish the mirror frame that started it all.Thinking consumes a lot of my time, because the ideas are forever popping up and the possibilities for all things crafty are endless.
      I always have several projects going at once, and I sometimes feel like I'll never finish any of them. My most recent one is an afghan for my oldest son. He asked me if I would make it, back in January. He laughingly said it could be for his birthday in October. I laughed along with him, thinking it would take a couple of weekends at most to complete it. Well, I'm not laughing anymore. It is now the end of July and I still haven't finished the thing....grrrrrrrr. It's just crazy how fast time goes by, especially since I passed the big 50 marker.
      I'm thinking I need to do a lot less of the thinking and a lot more of the doing....just a note to self. It helps me remember better if I have it in black and white....maybe. Til next time.     

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