Thursday, June 20, 2013

A safe Place To Live

     I decided that after all it had been through, I needed to give it a safe home. I thought my bedroom would be just the spot for it. 
     Now that I knew where it was going to hang and what  it was going to be used as (a frame), all that was left was to figure out what to make for the opening.
     I searched the internet for inspiration, day after day, hoping for the little spark to light up my imagination. 
     I was talking to my sister one day, as we both perused pictures and I happened upon the Sarah Kay drawings. I fell in love with her style and the children were oh so adorable.
      I began saving all the sweet images in a folder on my computer. I hardly took the time to look at them; I was just so taken by her drawing.
      The image above is a Sarah Kay drawing, which has become a tiny piece of the same project I mentioned in my last post. I will continue to update the story as well as bits of the embroidery I have added as well. Til next time...

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