Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Little Piece Of My World

     This is a tiny little piece of a very large one that I have been working on for the past year. I'm hoping this blog might be the push I need to finally bring it to completion.
     The way this project began goes back at least four years. I had an antique mirror that initally belonged over a dresser. I found it alone, discarded by it's owner and decided it needed to come home with me. I set it on top of a small bookcase by the front door. Yes, I left it there, leaning against the wall, just inviting disaster. Well, the mirror sat there like that for several years until one day, I decided to move a curio cabinet upstairs....needless to say, the mirror became a casualty.
     I loved the frame and held onto it, not being able to do anything with it, until one day I thought about using it as a frame...not for a mirror, but for something craftsy.
     My search began in earnest. I had no idea what could fit into that particular size and shape. I looked all over the web, but nothing called out to me. finally one night, feeling defeated and frustrated, I decided I would make something for it.

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